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A5web has been optimizing PPC accounts in many competitive industries since 2001. Longer than 99% of other SEM professionals today. Our team is skilled enough to grow your PPC revenue fast. That is why we are ready to take the risk and work on a pure revenue share basis. It is an ideal win-win solution for you:
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Revenue share PPC (SEM)

We offer you a deal where you spend the same PPC monthly budget as now, while growing your revenue, and we split the net profit that you will make from your PPC campaigns we manage.

"If the account performs, we make money. If the account doesn't perform, we don't make money as well."

A5web is confident that through our Pay Per Click management service we will improve the number of conversions and profits you receive from your Google AdWords account without spending any extra budget.

How can you increase your PPC account profits risk-free?

When you choose revenue share PPC Management model from A5web, you will have a complete peace of mind and can be sure the things are done right all the time on your Adwords account. Why? Because our fees are based purely on a percentage of Net revenue you generate. It means that you only pay us if the Account brings you more profit. No long term contracts... No setup fees... No percentage of your budget spent... No minimum monthly payment... No other hidden costs... All other agencies charge those but we don't! In the unlikely situation when we are unable to maintain the performance of your AdWords PPC campaign at the desired level, there is no reason for you to use our service, so you stop our contract at any time, and it will not cost you a dime... This makes A5web more akin to an affiliate than a management agency.

What SEM service we offer?

Our team will optimize your existing PPC account within your current budget in order to receive more conversions and revenue at the same cost. If you are happy with the results and will increase your monthly SEM spend, we will grow your profits even more!

Here is the partial list of services included in A5web SEM management package:

  • Comprehensive keywords and PPC competition research
  • Google Adwords Search Network campaigns setup & instant optimization
  • Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns setup & instant optimization
  • Google Remarketing campaigns setup and instant optimization
  • Negative keywords and placements research
  • Bing Ads Search Network campaigns setup and optimization
  • Facebook Ads campaigns setup and optimization
  • Linkedin Ads campaigns setup and optimization
  • Free assistance in dynamic tracking setup
  • Free landing page optimization assistance

For our fee we charge only a small percentage of the net revenue you make. This means that you will continue to pay the same amount for your advertising but you will be getting more profit with A5web.

What does it mean for you?

  • Constantly increasing Return on Investment for all of your SEM accounts
  • Precisely targeted PPC campaigns to help you get the most out of your growing market
  • Campaigns focused on generating the actual sales and profit for you, - not just more clicks or spend
  • PPC strategies backed up by 12 years of experience working with variety of industry verticals
  • Utilizing the most efficient SEM tactics to ensure continuous growth of your profits
  • You will achieve great SEM results as fast as possible

Which companies benefit from A5web SEM management service?

Pay on Results PPC service offered by A5web is intended for companies with an average monthly Adwords spend over $50,000 a month. Important note: before commencing any SEM project, our agency must evaluate a few major items together with you.

Do we outsource?

A5web is fully committed to the top service quality and best possible results for all our clients. All our team consists of seasoned industry professionals, with unmatched knowledge & experience and the highest level of responsibility for the work they do. Therefore, we never delegate our projects to any third party. That means - we never outsource!

Does it really work?

Just saying that our PPC management works is not going to convince you. Better check our impressive past and present clients list! A5web Pay on results service model offers complete transparency and security to all our clients. You only pay us if you are satisfied with the results, which means your revenue grows up too.

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