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So often we can hear phrases like "I do SEO so I use following tools" following by an impressive list of tools guys use. In fact - after SEO boom a great deal of software popped up aiming to help SEO guys and make their magical work a bit easier. This short article was planned as a mini research to understand true value of different software products available on SEO market. Closer examination shows that most of SEO programs use Google API that is available for free at Google Webmasters page. So there is a good question - why to pay for all those things if you can obtain all of them for free?

Most useful things Google offers so far are:
1. (Google rankings) - great tool that is very helpful for Google ranking researches and definitely saves some serious time.
2. Google Keyword Tool ( - perfect way of gaining keyword information. Incredibly useful tool for keyword researches of any kind.
3. Google itself. It is vitally important to understand what should be done in order to hit Google top 10 and what else if not Google itself can answer this question? Type your keyword, open first 5-10 results and study their code scrupulously!
Don't forget about other features offered by Google: external links checker, possibility to check how many of your pages are indexed by Google and many more. This is a good theme for a separate article and we'll definitely get back to it in a while.
4. Google analytics - great service that helps webmasters with a great deal of information useful for SEO needs (such as traffic tracking, traffic analysis etc)

In addition to all of mentioned above tools we'd like to mention keyword density checker/analyzer which proved to be useful. Our choice is far from big and popular names - we stick to simple software called MTuner.

Let's summarize all we've got:

1. we have tool that helps us to find right keywords and keyword sequences and show us how frequently they are used.
2. we can check keyword density to make sure the most relevant targeted keywords are used in proper proportion to the rest of your site's content
3. we can check results with Google rankings to see
4. You can analyze your traffic with Google analytics and Google sitemaps (part of Google Webmasters service)

As you can see - there is no magic software that cannot be replaced with Google services. Use logic, be attentive and detail oriented and rest assured - SEO results will surpass your most extreme expectations. Good luck!

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