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News » Seo insight: <strong> or <b>?

Quite long dispute and quite obvious question: what to use? Both tags are used to make text bold and all of those, who understands basic principles of SEO know that bold text provides search engine with some particular information like "hey, this text is bold, so it's probably important stuff!".

Indeed - marked out part of text shows us the most important keywords / parts of the article that obviously should be considered as the main parts of an article that reflects general idea...literally key words. SE's (search engines) understand all highlighted text as the most important parts among mass of words. Together with title tags (H1, H2, H3) bold text literally MAKES Search engine to pay some "serious attention" and consider a text to be ranked higher. Of course it is a primitive way of explanation of how search engines think though our goal is not to explain this, no doubt, important information here.

Some say that <b> tag tells the browser what the text should look like while <strong> tag indicates strong emphasis. A sort of "heey! I am the main stuff here, look at me!!!" and it really makes sense - being machine (even though a very clever one) search engine cannot understand whether text is really important and relevant or not basing on text's content only - machines cannot understand actual meaning of a text though they can analyze its structure and that's where all text markups come!

According to some SEO experts Google treats the tags exactly the same. We doubt it is true based on our own 10 years old SEO experience so our point of view is to mix both tags. Sounds quite funny and a bit unprofessionally but it's what a great deal of SEO experts do: using both <b> and <strong> tags at the same time.

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