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News » Keywords and where to place them

One of the most important things in SEO practices is a wise use of keywords. No need to explain that keywords are vitally important in Search engine optimization works. The name itself shows us its importance - "a key word".

In the very beginning of SEO services such search engines as Altavista, Yahoo, Excite or dominated the world wide web. Unfortunately all of them had flaws in their search algorithms so that made possible to fool them using countless amount of keywords in all possible places starting with "keywords" meta tags through the site's content to the names of directories and images. No wonder that search results returned to a final user of such search engine didn't fit the expectations and were not relevant at all. No protection against keyword abuse was available... until Google appeared and offered a strong relevancy-ranked sorting.

OK. Enough of history - let's try to understand how and where to use our precious keywords.

1. Domain Name.

It is not a must but it is highly recommended to use a keyword you are going to promote your website with in your site's url. For example if your company server web design in Toronto it would be wise to register a domain name that contains "Toronto" and "Web Design" in it... (ie:, etc.) Practice shows that Google really pays its attention on such detail so we'd recommend you to keep it in mind when choosing a new domain name to register.

2. Directories.

Your website's directories also can contain keywords and be considered by Google. Tons of search results show that Google considers a directory name among many other reasons when ranking a site so it would be really clever to select a good relevant keyword for a directory (i.e: we'd recommend not to overuse your keywords so if you've got Toronto Web Design in your domain name - don't double it i your directory name - use something different to prevent Google thinking you are trying to cheat. Good idea is to use so called "Continuous keywords" that starts with your domain name and end with your directory name or even (we'll see it later) with your file name. Example:

3. Desсriрtion Meta Tag.

Just try and search for anything on Google. You will notice that any time Google returns search results as:
a. Site Title
b. Sire Desсriрtion
c. Site Url

with the highlighted keywords matching your request. No need to have a brain of Einstein to understand that we must use Desсriрtion as one of the main tools to get our sites ranked properly. Don't use a bunch of keywords - compose a sentence or two that would describe your services in brief - that will be enough. Example: "Web Design and Development services in Toronto." Short yet contains all necessary info5rmation for your potential customer and all necessary keywords for search engine.

4. H1 tags.

H1 is a biggest header text of your content. Any of modern search engines see it as a sign stating "this whole article is about the keyword using in H1". Select one or tow appropriate keywords and use them in your H1 tags. Note - don't use more than one h1 tag per page!

5. Strong and b tags.
Read an article about it.

6. Keyword Density.
Read an article about it.

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