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News » Keyword density for SEO

Nowadays keyword density is a sort of buzz word. Let's try to understand what it really is and how can it be applied to your own SEO practices. Keyword density is a certain percent of how many times a specific keyword (or keyword sequence) is used on a page.

Typically it's like this (please look the this phrase): "Good SEO is good" - "good" keyword is used twice here while "SEO" is used once. There are three words in this phrase so keyword density is: "Good" - 66% while "SEO" is only 33%. It is obvious that search engine will understand that main keyword (if it would be the only phrase on a page) is "good".

As you can see - keyword density is used by search engines to determine which keywords are used more often. Unfortunately there is a catch - too many similar keywords on a page will be most likely considered as a spam text and ignored or even banned. For now it is believed that the best option is to use keyword density of 3-5% (so 3-5 percent of a whole amount of words will be filled with a certain keyword) so don't overuse your targeted keywords or your website will be penalized.

There are plenty of online keyword density checkers available. Also you can use some of SEO software tools.

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