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News » Google "sandbox"

Once introduced this term has been used as one of the major buzzwords in the world of search engine optimization experts. It is called Sandbox effect though such names as Sandboxing or the sandbox effect or the Google penalty are often used. But what is it anyway? Sandbox phenomenon is a temporary Google rank lowering applied to all new domains.

Once registered a domain name may go straight to the "sandbox" or it might be normally ranked for a brief period of time and only then lowered in Google ranks. It looks like you did everything right (meta data, copy, general SEO works), your site is in Google's index so it is supposed to be at least in Google top 1000 but alas! Google plainly shows you that your site is in its index and is not banned but you cannot see it in search results. Again: for some certain period of time.

Google here can be compared to wine maker - the longer term, the better wine. Your site is the "wine" that must be kept in secret for some time to get better and be allowed to the search results.

It is not clear how long it takes to pass the "sandbox" but lots of SEO specialists agree that it usually takes up to about 2-3 months to get site back from the "sandbox". And even after the "sandbox" is passed Google doesn't place your site high right away but rank it gradually. Some SEO professionals insist that final Google ranking is achieved after one year since a domain name registration.

What is really interesting that is Google does not actually have an explicit "sandbox", the effect itself, however caused, is real. So our advice is not to panic if your site is stuck "in the middle of nowhere" and keep waiting, updating your site, adding new content and adjusting SEO part of the site to make sure your site will be well ranked when it's back from the Google sandbox.

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